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Mccririck ‘panto style’ criticised

A senior television programs producer suggested john mccririck should be dropped from the revamped channel 4 racing line up, labeled that his”Pantomime”Presenting was a diversion from unwanted feelings, a work tribunal has heard.

Carl hicks, the img development in the body company’s executive producer of channel 4 racing, said he never felt that mr mccririck will be your betting reporter.He rated mr mccririck as finding myself in the”Highly regarded league”Of racing presenters and because the pioneer racing expert to broadcast from the betting ring, but said there is no room for him in the new line up.

Mister hicks, who was included in trying to create an on screen dream team of presenters, told the central london seeing: “He was not appropriate and there was not the proper role for him,

Mr mccririck’s image was potentially damaged by his much talked about appearances Burberry Hoodies in reality shows and his brash manner, in order to mr hicks.

He was quoted saying: “I’m very sympathetic to his position but never felt he would be organ of the newly enhanced production team from 2013.It is not him waving his arms around for tic tac that was a thoughts.John was an eccentric and seen at worst as a loud mouthed and chauvinistic extraordinaire which was not what i seriously considered part of the team to broaden racing,

Mr mccririck is accusing his former employers of age elegance.Tv direct 4 and img media deny the claims.The 73 year old pundit known for his ornate clothes, tic tac gesturing and gold jewellery emphasises he was”Sacked by nameless suits and skirts”As being a result his age.

In march 2012 channel 4 secured the rights to broadcast all uk horse racing events for one year later, using”Crown special place”Events such as royal ascot and the grand domestic, and the broadcaster saw it as a chance to freshen up its racing coverage and appeal to a wider audience.As img was seeking potential on screen talent, mr hicks joked them to be on the verge of”Inserting forward the poshest team in racing,

Channel 4 racing’s launching duo includes clare balding, who had your younger years links to the queen, and nick luck who went along to harrow, he explained to the tribunal.Francesca cumani, child of newmarket trainer luca, was also considered and she was”Quite upmarket and may be seen as quite posh, in mr hicks.

He also told the hearing that mccririck had a practice of calling mr luck”Which was not free”And having a debate about colleague tanya stephenson as”The feminine, that’s disparaging to her,

In his tribunal witness document, he explained: “My view remained that john mccririck was not right for the programme and i thought he must not be included in any capacity.I was fully aware that john was one of many recognisable faces in horse racing.But nevertheless, i did not think his exaggerated presentation style was in keeping with a more serious programme and was aware that he had a potential to offend and alienate viewers and potential viewers.

“My perception from watching john mccririck a tv personality in the past was that he came across as being aggressive, sexist and non comprehensive, all of which would not help channel 4 extend quantity of viewers and achieve the change in tone sought,

The tender keep track of raised”Bother”That a lot of mr mccririck had”A propensity to misname jockeys and horses, mr hicks mentioned.

His witness affirmation added: “Whilst that has to be a problem, it was not something i had picked up on in watching him and was never a factor in my ultimate suggestion that john mccririck not be included on channel 4 racing at all from 2013.Moderately, my impression was that his do not forget that, pantomime kind(As well as his Burberry Outlet UK tic tac gestures), Rather than factual faults, Was distracting to viewers and made it problematical to pick up the message he was trying to convey,